Cancun, Mexico

Hey Everyone! This video is from my trip to Cancun, Mexico earlier this summer and I actually didn’t do much except eat and go to the beach lol I did get to check a fear off of my bucket list and that was parasailing!   Click Here To Check Out My Travels On Instagram!

Atlanta, Georgia

I’ve been to Atlanta a few times before but something about this last trip seemed different. I guess I had been in the North too long because everyone seemed extra friendly and all I saw were happy smiling faces and lots of Southern hospitality! I even ran into a couple of last minute festivals ? […]

The Art of Packing

How do you go about packing your suitcase? Some people throw everything in there and slam it shut. Others meticulously fold every little thing. Today I’ll show you guys how I pack ? 1. First make sure the suitcase you have is the appropriate dimension specified by the airline. They’ve been changing things around lately […]

Dublin, Ireland

I have the best memories in Dublin! I spent 2 months there so it’s no wonder! The people are so friendly and I loved the accents ? I didn’t go everywhere I wanted to in Ireland but these are the few places I really liked. 1. Spire of Dublin Also called, The Monument of Light, […]

Boston, MA

Now Boston and I have had an on again, off again relationship for the past 3 years. All I ever remember hearing about Boston was the coldness of it’s winters. And as I speak, or write, it’s -9°F, feels like -45°F according to The Weather Channel. Now maybe to some of you that’s not cold […]

Puerto Rico

Isla del Encanto or Island of Enchantment as it’s known is home to the Coqui, a small frog. Probably the only frog I’m not afraid of since it brings back the best memories. This is the best little island in the world! Ok so I’m biased ? I’ve been to my mom’s hometown almost every […]

Protect Your Skin!

Dry,flaky skin? One of the worst parts of flying (unless you’re afraid to fly,and that’ll be another post ?) Most people don’t realize how dry it actually is onboard. It’s literally drier than most deserts at around 12% humidity! Don’t believe me, try this little experiment: get on a flight and don’t drink anything for […]