Confessions of a Flight Attendant


A little background on myself, I used to be a flight attendant for an international European airline, a private flight attendant with a charter airline and now I fly very little hours with a commercial U.S. airline.

One of the most common questions I get is why would I leave  a private charter for a regular carrier? Well after flying a total of 6 years, I wanted less international destinations so I could spend more time with my family,  more flexibility to do what I wanted and less hours in the air arguing with people over overhead bin space!

Let’s face it, when I flew NBA and NHL teams, I would be away for over 2 weeks at a time to take them to their away games which left me with limited time with my family and friends. I also wanted to dedicate more time to my other business ventures.

Now I work my online travel business from my cell, run a beachfront Airbnb in Puerto Rico , I fell in love and I’m so much happier!

I found that while flying is fun, it’s always good to have a side hustle! This surprisingly balances your sanity as well as money.

Which leads me to my latest project: my eBook on tips for prospective flight attendants! I get asked all the time, “Is it hard to become a flight attendant? And,”Do you have to go to school for that?”

The answers are no and no but I will share with y’all how to know if this is something you would like to do because it’s honestly not a job but a lifestyle.


Only my true fellow jetsetters can understand sitting at home at 8am and thinking,”I have 4 days off, I pick Colombia!” And literally landing there that night, all while booking your hotel on the way to the airport or upon landing!

Only another spontaneous traveler will understand sitting in the airport on an off day casually eyeing the Departures monitor to see where you’ll end up for the day just because.

It’s not a hard profession per se but certain factors make it a little challenging at times.

In my eBook, I’ll cover how to decide if this a lifestyle you want to pursue, what to wear to the interview and why you shouldn’t pay for flight attendant school.

Including bonuses such as what training is really like, what to prepare for so you can pass training and where to go to apply for airlines that are currently hiring! So if you think you’re ready ? Click Here To Buy My ebook! ❤

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