How My Curls Are Popping On The Road!!

I finally found it y’all!! The One, Neo ? I found the perfect product for MY hair that defines my curls, leaves my hair looking well moisturized and has me out in these streets feeling gone with the wind fabulous for up to 7 days ?

I know I’m late to the party but it’s the one and only Eco Style Gel ❤ I couldn’t figure out how these girls on Instagram had such beautiful, healthy looking hair! I started watching more Youtube tutorials and kept seeing Eco Style Gel as the main gel that most of the girls used. I figured, hey it’s cheap and I can get it either online or most stores like Walgreens. Well voila! Below is my hair when it’s wet vs dry!

Yaaassss ❤

Here are the 5 exact steps I took to maximize the gel after a few trial runs to get it right ?

1. Pre-poo

I sectioned my hair in 4 bantu knots and put an olive oil/regular conditioner mix in for about 20 minutes.

2. Shampoo

I shampoo my roots in each section and let the shampoo simply rinse the rest of my hair.

3. Deep Condition

I dry my hair lightly and put a deep conditioner, usually Silicon Mix Treatment  and this is the only time I comb my hair with a pick

4. Rinse

I do a final rinse then I put regular olive oil from the kitchen on my scalp via a mini spray bottle

5. Styling

Finally I start to style my hair, keep in mind that everything I do is by section. Now I start with one section and I divide it into 3 more sections. I spray water on the smallest section, brush it, then add the gel.

I finger comb it through making sure each strand is covered then I shake and scrunch a little so it will curl. Then I leave it alone!

I repeat this process in each section and in the end, I shake my head from side to side so that the curls pop even more ?


Make sure your hair dries COMPLETELY before you touch it!!! Girl you don’t know how many times I woke up with one side of my hair matted down before I figured this out..

I airdry so it takes me at least 9 hours to fully dry. I usually do my hair in the morning.

Night Time Routine

At night I just wrap my hair gently in a silk scarf and when I wake up I spray a little bit of water and shake my hair out! I’ve lasted 7 days with this method!

Keep in mind during those 7 days I didn’t touch my hair at all except to spray the water in the morning #winning

Check out my Day 7 hair! And yes, shrinkage is real lol

Eco Style Gel for the win!!

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